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     Shahe Huajinde Glass Co., limited is located in China glass base city --Shahe city,Hebei province , which is near to China capital -Beijing and around 520 Kilometers away from Tianjin Port, The transportation is of great convenience.
“HUAJINDE GLASS” “ANBANG GLASS ” are both our brand. Our company was established in 2008,through the efforts of our entire staff  that now we become  to  the professional large -scale manufacturer of all types of decorative glass ,integrating development and production together .Our mainly products is acid etch glass , Ice acid glass , Acid titanium glass , background using glass  , mirror and pattern glass and related glass which widely use on the  windows ,doors  ,cabinets , home and hotel decoration.  

Huajinde glass competitive Advantage :

High quality and competitive price.
 Professional and Experienced.
 Hundreds beautiful design for your choose, also can make the design by your request.
 Color ,size ,and design are all available for customization.
 Timely delivery.
 we give each customer personalized and professional service , pre and after sale good service.


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